Rock Garden

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Rock Garden

Thing about games like Rock Garden, these games are mostly designed for mobile phones and tablets due its simplified mechanics and game controls. But we often find mobile games that we enjoy playing on desktop PC just as well as on phones; Rock Garden Deluxe Edition is one of those games. In fact, some people find it more entertaining to play it on Desktop PC or laptop.

Rock Garden is a puzzle game with nothing special or eye-candy in it, and despite that, it is really entertaining. Mostly because you don’t get bored easily and also because of the intelligent puzzles. Speaking of puzzles, the first few levels (out of 100 total) will seem a little too easy but that’s OK. The game is designed that way. The difficulty will increase slowly as you advance farther.

How to play Rock Garden


Don’t really want to spoil surprises and reveal too much, it is actually best if you figure out the mechanics yourself. But still… no harm in knowing how to actually play the game: Basically, all you do is drag the stones and slide across the garden. That’s pretty much all you can do in this game. But how and why you do it is the key. You are going to keep sliding those stones until they hit the walls. Each stone in Rock Garden game is an obstacle for another stone. Now, you need to match 5 stones of the same color in order to flip them. Flipping all stones in the garden = GG. By scoring big, you are large collectible stones.

Sounds easy right? It’s simple, but the game isn’t what you call “easy”. In fact it’s going to get hard as you advance, so be prepared. Pretty cool game if you enjoy puzzles. Highly recommended for everyone.

Good Luck / Have Fun

Rock Garden Game

Rock Garden Game

Rock Garden, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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