Papas Wingeria

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Papa's Wingeria

You are going to have a lot of fun playing Papa’s Wingeria game. It’s just as delicious as Texas chicken and you get to be the one too cooks it: frying wings in the deep fryer, adding all kinds of sauces and toppings, preparing sides and serving customers. Which is basically your job in Papas Wingeria restaurant; to help out Cuck and Mandi with ever hungry and eager customers. Before we talk about the Wingeria game, let’s talk about Chicken Wings a little.

Chicken Wings

Let me start off with the craziest fact ever: you want to try and guess what is the record for most wings eaten? You never going to guess, because the answer rises serious questions… it’s 444, believe it or not, it’s true. How can a human eat 444 chicken wings in 25 minutes? Well that happened, it’s a fact, Patrick Bertoletti (Deep Dish) won Wing Bowl in 2015 by eating 444 Wings in 26 minutes. feel free to check the fact on Wikipedia. By the way, if you think that’s crazy, you should search for Yuka Kinoshita on YouTube and be amazed. Reckon, that’s enough of crazy stuff today so let’s get back to the game now.

In Papa’s Wingeria game, Flipline introduced the character customization feature the first time: which means you can create your own characters, design them by giving individual characters new looks, hair styles, skin tone, basically everything. Other than that, Wingeria game mechanics is no different from other Papa’s Games, you cook and serve dishes to your customers, play mini-games with Foodini for rewards and upgrade menu and other items.

How to Play Papa’s Wingeria

(Step-by-Step Instructions)


As mentioned above, you can either select a pre-made character or customize your own character. Jump to the tutorial cooking session and learn how to play the game. The first station is going to be the Fry Station.


  • Switch to the Fry Station and read the ticket carefully, your first customer wants 4 wings, so go ahead and drag wing bin onto the deep fryer. Now it’s time to choose the number of wings you want to fry by clicking and dragging green slider until it shows the right amount (in this case 4). Watch the timer until it reaches the white line. Note: moving your move over a deep fryer let’s you see the meat cooking, but the cooking process will stop while you look.

  • Done frying? Switch to the Sauce Station. The wings are placed in a bowl; this allows you to pour a sauce in the bowl and apply it evenly to all wings. Drag a sauce bottle (indicated in the order) above the bowl and pour the sauce in. Now, be careful to use the right amount of sauce; release the bottle when number on the bowl meter matches the one on the ticket. To cover the wings in BBQ sauce click the middle button when the arrow is 100% green, and the one more time and switch to the next station.

  • Build Station is where you finalize the order. It’s time to arrange the chicken wings, sides and garnishes on the plate. Follow the indications and arrange the wings on for sides of the plate by dragging them. Add rest of the ingredients (Cheese dips and Ranch) and all done, ready to serve the first customer.


That pretty much covers all the basics about Papa’s Wingeria game, the only thing to keep in mind, is that mixing sauce and wings in a bowl may seem a little complicated at first but you’ll get used to it very soon. Let us know what you think of the game and also, if you loved the game and wish to get it for you mobile devices, check out the links below:






Good Luck / Have Fun

Papas Wingeria Game

Papa’s Wingeria Game

Papas Wingeria, 4.6 out of 5 based on 12 ratings