Papas Taco Mia

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Papa's Taco Mia

Anything special about Papa’s Taco Mia game? Honestly, nothing! But that is not to say Taco Mia is not a good game, it is just as good as rest of the papa’s games, with a minor difference (having only 2 stations instead of 3). Still, if grilling meat and building taco’s is something you’d find amusing, there is no better Taco cooking game than Papas Taco Mia.

As always, Papa Louie is trying to expand his business and this time he’s branching out with Taco restaurant. You are here to help out Maggie and Mitch in the shop. Nothing extraordinary, you cook meat, build taco, apply toppings and sauces and keep your customers happy.  Before we discuss the game further, let’s talk about Taco’s and learn something new about the delicacy.


Taco is a lot older than most of you may think. It actually dates back between 1000 and 500 B.C. However, until 19th century, this food did not have a name Taco, first reference to this word was “Tacos Mineros). In United States the first Taco first appeared in early 1900s. ever since then, Tacos become insanely popular in States, Americans eat 4-5 billion of tacos every year. There’s even a national Taco Day in US (4th October). Cool huh?

Alright, let’s jump back to the game now; Taco Mia is no different from other Flipline games when it comes to mini-games, unlocking ingredients and new customers so be ready to accommodate Foodini after each working day and win as much prizes as you can. Let’s talk about how the game works, basic and essential stuff you need to know about Taco Mia;


How to Play Papa’s Taco Mia

Look around the restaurant and the kitchen, there’s only two stations in Taco Mia game (other than Order Station) there’s Grill Station where you grill the meat and Build Station where you add toppings and sauces to tacos. Go ahead and pick your character: Mitch or Maggie and…


  • Take order and switch to the Grill Station. 4 spots on the oven, pick one and drag a pan of beef onto the stove. (note: you will unlock other kinds of meet as you progress in the game). Watch the timer around the pan and let the meat cook until the timer reaches half (Blue Line), then pick up a spatula and flip the meat inside the pan. Continue cooking until the timer reaches end and pick a taco shell from the order (in this case it’s going to be a Hard Taco Shell), drag a pan of cooked meat onto the shell to fill it.


  • Switch to the Build Station and begin adding toppings: adding toppings is simple, click and drag the ingredient from the bin and release the mouse above taco. Do this for all the ingredients from the order, add cheese and onions and finally the sauce, drag the bottle above taco and release to start squirting. Click the “Finish” button and voila! Your are done.


The tutorials above cover the basics of the game, if you have additional questions, ask away. Please do tell us what you think of the game, down in the comments field, we’d love to hear from you. And finally, if you enjoyed the game and want to get it for your mobile devices, check out the links below:





Good Luck / Have Fun

Papas Taco Mia Game

Papa’s Taco Mia Game

Papas Taco Mia, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings