Papas Sushiria

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Papa's Sushiria

Flipline Studios take their work very serious, and the Papa’s Sushiria is the proof of that. You can’t call yourself a chef, until you learn how to roll sushi! And trust us, it’s not as trivial as you may think. Sushi come in all shapes and sizes and it’s not as straight forward as it may seem: hundreds of fish varieties and other ingredients are used in the process besides the most experience sushi chefs consider even the tiniest factors such as vinegared rice and fish temperature difference etc.


Not to worry, the Papas Sushiria game is not as complicated and as real Sushi cooking, it’s more about having fun rather worrying about delicate process. But before we discuss the game, let’s talk about Sushi a little more, some really interesting facts about it: While everyone thinks Sushi originated in Japan, that’s not completely true. The first records indicate that sushi comes from around the Mekong river which splits the China and Japan. As for the sushi as we know it (modern day variety) it was invented in Edo (former name of Tokyo) period by Hanaya Yohei and unlike today, it used to be a very cheap fast food. Furthermore, the rice was never eaten, only the fish, cool huh?

Alright that’s enough of sushi history, let’s talk about the Papa’s Sushiria game now. As mentioned above, the game is designed for you to have fun, and not to have you worried about details. Which means, rolling sushi in Sushiria game is going to be just as simple as cooking in any other Papa Louie’s restaurant games and here is how…


How to Play Papa’s Sushiria

(step-by-step instructions)


Everything you need to know about the game and the game mechanics, can be found in the game (in-game tutorial), nevertheless, if you prefer more detailed instructions in written form or the video tutorial, we’ve got you covered.


As usual, you can either pick one of the Flipline characters: Matt or Clover or design your own worker. Also, just like any other Papa’s Game, Sushiria’s first order / first mission is a training mission and you don’t have to worry about failing it.


  • Switch to the Cook Station and start preparing sushi: pick a white rice or a brown rice (according to the current order) and drag it onto a rice cooker. Watch to cook meter to reach the halfway and add sushi vinegar to the rice by dragging the vinegar bottle to it. While waiting for meter, drag the nori on to the mat. And rice is cooked drag the cooker onto the nori. All done, off to the build station.


  • Build Station is main part of the process, it’s where you add ingredients and roll sushi. Take a look at the order and see what kind of fish you need, in a training mission you will need a salmon, so drag a stack of salmon at the edge of the sushi and add it, add other ingredients in the similar fashion and click “Roll” button. Before you slice the rolls add rest of the ingredients from the order. In this case, it’s mango and a duck sauce. And finally, it’s time to slice the sushi roll, drag a knife over the roll and start making slices from the end by releasing knife at the indicated areas.


  • Each order will come with soft drinks, so go ahead and switch to the Tea Station. To pour the drink, wait until the meter is in the middle and press “pour” button. Add rest of the ingredients (in this case strawberry and mango). And voila! Your done.


Wasn’t that hard, was it? If on the other hand, you have additional questions, something we forgot to include in these tutorials, feel free to ask any questions down in a comments field. Also make sure to let us know what you think of Papa’s Sushiria game, we really do appreciate your feedback.

Good Luck / Have Fun

Papas Sushiria Game

Papa’s Sushiria Game

Papas Sushiria, 4.3 out of 5 based on 18 ratings
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