Papas Pizzeria

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Papa's Pizzeria

Did you know? Papa’s Pizzeria is the first original cooking game by Flipline Studios! Or one of the best? Try and answer that question yourself. No matter how old, you still love Papas Pizzeria game, and you know why? because it’s this was the game to inspire developers into making rest of the papa’s games. It may not look at neat and sophisticated as newer games but the gameplay easily compensates all the flaws.


We’ll talk about the game some more little later, now let’s talk about Pizza and learn something cool about it. People around the world consume over 250 million peperoni ONLY each year. Average pizzeria spends $4 000 000 000 on cheese only each year. And one more interesting fact, almost unbelievable but pizzerias represent nearly 18 percent of all restaurants around the world. Speaking of unbelievable facts, here is another one – the longest distance covered in pizza delivery was Cape Town to Sydney (S. Africa to Australia).

Back to the game now, you are helping Roy run one of Papa Louie’s restaurants – Papa’s Pizzeria: basically you bake pizza, decorate it by adding toppings and serve to customers. Like in all the other papa’s games, in Pizzeria you also get to play mini-games to unlock special prizes and customers.

How to Play Papa’s Pizzeria

Pick your character and … oh wait, not this time, there’s only Roy in Papa’s Pizzeria game. So, just go ahead and start the tutorial mission, which is how you learn how to play the game.


  • Take order and switch to Topping Station: Click “make pizza” and follow the in-game instructions. In this case you need to arrange toppings at all indicated areas. Once done, put the pizza into the oven. Watch the timer and when it’s done baking cut the pizza in 4 pieces. Voila, click finish order and you are done.


  • Now, you’ve probably noticed we never mentioned about other stations; the truth is, you don’t have to switch between stations yourself at least in tutorial level. You go through all stations without having to switch, the game takes you to the next station when its time. That was short, wasn’t it? Not to worry though, the game itself isn’t short, you are going to have a lot of fun with it.


Papa’s Pizzeria is not complicated at all, but just in case, if you have any questions feel free to ask. Also, please do share your thoughts and experience about the game down in the comments field. And finally, if you enjoyed the game and would like to get a mobile version, see the links below:




Good Luck / Have Fun

Papas Pizzeria Game

Papa’s Pizzeria Game

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