Papas Pasteria

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Papa's Pasteria

What’s special about Papa’s Pasteria game and how do you even cook pasta in a game? What’s special about pasteria? Let’ see, other than being extremely satisfying and entertaining, nothing really, it is another game from the series, mechanics of which you are already familiar with. Although, Papas Pasteria is not just a pasta cooking game, it’s about Italian pasta! You are going to build your career in a Portallini as a pasta chef. What does that mean exactly? It means you run your own restaurant where you cook noodles and add seasonings and toppings, prepare sauces and toasts and serve your precious customers.


Before we continue, let’s talk about Pasta and learn something interesting about it: people say Marco Polo was the one who discovered pasta, and that is a common misconception, believe it or not, Chinese have eaten pasta way before that – 5000 B.C. Another interesting fact - there are more than 600 different shapes of pasta and Italy is the country that eats greatest amount of it worldwide, which is not surprising really. However, this only applies to 1 certain type of pasta, Italians eat Spaghetti rather than other varieties. One last thing, how do Italians know when the pasta is properly cooked? it should stick to a wall when thrown, weird huh?

Alright, enough about Pasta, let’s discuss the Papa’s Pasteria Game now. Despite the fact Pasteria is one of the oldest Papa’s Games (2013), it is still in top 5 most played Papa Louie’s Restaurant games today. What exactly you do in pasteria? You open a diner and cook and serve pasta for your customers. Hire a server to help you get through the hectic days, earn as much tips as possible, play mini-games to unlock new toppings, meet new customers etc.

How to Play Papa’s Pasteria

(Step-by-Step Instructions)


Pick your character: Utah or Doan or create your own worker. First customer is waiting for you in a tutorial mission, which is where you are going to learn how to play the game.


  • Take order and switch to the Cook Station. The order clearly says which type of pasta the customer wants, in this case (tutorial mission) it’s the Macaroni. So, go ahead and drag the jar of macaroni pasta onto the pot strainer. Wait for pasta to cook. when the timer reaches half-way stir it with the wooden spoon by dragging the spoon to the pot. Continue cooking until it’s done and press orange triangle button. Now that the pasta is done cooking, click the pot to lift it and drain the water.


  • Build Station is where you add sauce and toppings to the pasta. According to the order (Tutorial) the customer wants Marinara, click the bottle and then drag the spoon onto the plate, click and hold to pour the sauce. Add toppings (parmesan cheese) by dragging the shaker above the pasta. Add more toppings (5 meatballs) – drag the meatball onto the plate and place them onto the indicated areas.


  • Final step is the Bread Station where you prepare the bread. The order says customer wants a garlic breadstick, drag the breadstick onto the conveyor and wait until the bread comes out of the other side of the conveyor, place it on the plate and voila. You are ready to serve your first customer.


If you are still struggling with the game mechanics, ask questions in the comments field or feel free to contact us at any time. Also, don’t forget to share your experience about Papa’s Pasteria game, we value and appreciate your feedback. And finally, Pasteria mobile aps are not out yet, we’ll keep you posted as soon as they are available.

Good Luck / Have Fun

Papas Pasteria Game

Papa’s Pasteria Game

Papas Pasteria, 4.3 out of 5 based on 4 ratings