Papas Hot Doggeria

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Papa's Hot Doggeria

The personal favorite game, Papa’s Hot Doggeria! And you know why? because it’s light, and more enjoyable than most of Papa’s Games. You guys grill hot dogs and sausages, add toppings, pour drinks, make popcorn, and make your customers happy. Yes. It’s basically the same for all the “gameria” but this one somehow feels happier.

Hot Dogs

Let’s talk about Hot Dogs and learn something interesting, for example, did you know? The origins of hot dogs are mystery even today. Despite the controversy and arguing, nobody actually knows or can confirm where they first appeared and who invented the recipe. Nevertheless, Hot Dogs are one of the very rare fast food approved by NASA as a space food. Cool huh? Alright, let’s get back to the game now;

Papa’s Hot Doggeria is about cooking and serving stadium snacks; Papas Hot Doggeria, which is where restaurant is located, so, constant flow of hungry and eager customers is guaranteed. Earning tips and winning mini-games is essential to your business, since you want to unlock the premium ingredients as soon as possible. But you are probably already used to that, unless the Hot Doggeria game is the first papa’s game for you.

How to Play Papa’s Hot Doggeria

(Step-by-Step Instructions)


Pick one of the pre-made characters for Hot Doggeri game, Taylor or Peggy or create and customize your worker yourself. The first customer (tutorial) is waiting for you in the order station.


  • Take order and let’s start training, switch to the Grill Station and drag a hot dog onto the grill. Carefully watch the timer, mouse over a hot dog too see it, and flip the hot dog by clicking it once when the meter reaches half. Now wait for the hot dog to finish (when the timer reaches green area, the cooking is done) click the hot dog again to pick it up and drag it onto the bun. Time to build the hot dog.


  • Switch to the Build Station and take a good look at the order; now that you know which ingredients the customer wants, go ahead and click Relish (tutorial) and drag it to the hot dog, release the mouse above it to start pouring. Next ingredient is the mustard, drag a bottle above the hot dog and release to start pouring. Note: make sure you pour ingredients evenly on a sausage. One more station to go…


  • Switch to the Pop Station for drinks and popcorn. The order clearly says which size of Fizzo drink and popcorn the customer wants. S Fizzo and S Popcorn (both small sizes). S for small; M for medium; L for large. Drag the popcorn and drinks on the food tray and done! You are ready to serve your first customer, good luck.


Hope we covered it all, still, do not hesitate to ask any questions, or visit Official Wiki Page for more information. Please do tell us what you think of the game, we appreciate and value your feedback. And finally, if you enjoyed the game and interested in mobile version, see the links below:







Good Luck / Have Fun

Papas Hot Doggeria Game

Papa’s Hot Doggeria Game

Papas Hot Doggeria, 5.0 out of 5 based on 7 ratings