Papas Cupcakeria

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Papa's Cupcakeria

Why play Papa’s Cupcakeria? Well, what could be more delightful than baking cupcakes yourself, especially on holidays. Choosing cups, adding ingredients, adding toppings and decorating; fun and delicious and also, everybody loves cupcakes, imagine this: more than 770 million cupcakes were eaten in United States in 2012 and number keeps increasing every year, that’s just crazy, isn’t it?


Want to know more interesting facts about cupcakes? Did you know why they named it cupcakes? Well, it’s not because of the reasons you think, but because the portions of ingredients were measured in cups. Also initially, cupcakes were called “number cakes” / “1234 cakes” because it was easier to remember portions.

Alright, let’s talk about Papas Cupcakeria game now. Nothing feels as satisfying as progressing in Cupcakeria game. Unlocking 100 ingredients, seasonal toppings, clothing, furniture, and holiday special items, Cupcakeria game really is fantastic. Also, just like Freezeria game, Cupcakeria looks extra colorful, because of toppings.

Let’s see, what are the specifics you need to know about how to play Papa’s Cupcakeria game… There’s a tutorial video below, showing how to play the game in initial levels. But if you prefer more detailed explanation and guide, we’ve got you covered, so here it is:

How to Play Papa's Cupcakeria

(Step by Step Instructions)

Pick your character: James or Willow, or go ahead and create a custom worker and name it. It’s time for the tutorial. The first order is only a training exercise so don’t worry if you get it wrong the first time.

  • Take Order from the first customer and switch to the Batter Station. Very first thing you do is linging the pan with baking cups (pick a cup according to order). Now, choose the cake batter and pour into the cups. Time to switch the station…

  • Time to bake cupcakes! In Bake Station, you drag the cupcake pan into the oven and wait for the cupcakes to bake, watch the timer on the oven, when it hits the line, cupcakes are done. And off to the final stage.

  • Build Station is where you do the most exciting part of baking and decorating cupcakes: first you add frostings on your cupcakes. Then add extra toppings such as Chocolate and Sprinkles by grabbing the bottle and releasing it above cupcakes. Add the final ingredient, in this case it’s cherry and you are ready to serve your first customer.


Note: each cupcake will require different sets of frostings and toppings, read the order carefully, try not to mix ingredient.

That wasn’t too hard, was it? If you still have questions about the game, feel free to write us at any time. Also, be sure to share your experience about Papas Cupcakeria game, send us a message in a comments field below, are value your feedback very much. And finally, if you enjoyed the Papa’s Cupcakeria game and you’d like to get it for your mobile device, see the links below:



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Good Luck / Have Fun

Papas Cupcakeria Game

Papa’s Cupcakeria Game

Papas Cupcakeria, 4.7 out of 5 based on 16 ratings