Papas Cheeseria

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Papa's Cheeseria

Would you like to know why you love Papa’s Cheeseria game so much? Sure, you do, but first let me tell you few interesting facts about grilled cheese. Did you know? Every 3 / 4 people who buy sliced cheese, cook grilled cheese at least twice a month. Yes… we, “humanz” love cheese very much, especially grilled cheese. As Gilbert K. Chesterton once said – “The poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.” Which leads me to another interesting fact: “world record for eating grilled cheese” 47 sandwiches in 10 minutes! Imagine that…

Grilled Cheese

But the real reason you love Papas Cheeseria so much, is because it’s one of the latest and most sophisticated Flipline cooking / restaurant management games. Yet another awesome Papa Louie’s strategy game : plenty of awesome and delicious mini-games. Fun and lovable characters and well planned and executed gameplay involving grilled cheese sandwich and fry cooking. If, however, you are new to this website or Cheeseria game specifically, don’t worry! Here is everything you need to get you started:

How to Play Papa’s Cheeseria

(Step by Step how to play instructions)


The truth is, in-game tutorial contains all the necessary information for you to learn the game mechanics and get you started. Still, if you prefer a guidance in text form, here is how you play Cheeseria:


  • Pick one of two preset characters: Ruby or Scarlett or alternatively, create and customize a custom worker. Note: The very first order is going to be a training mission, so, don’t worry if you don’t get it right. Go ahead and take order from your first customer.


  • Write down the order and click the “Build Station”. It takes you to the kitchen where you need to select ingredients for your order: Type of bread, cheese and other ingredients. Simply follow the instructions and drag a slice of cheese to the bread, add rest of the ingredients such as ham, tomatoes, mustard (according to your order) and move on to the next step…

  • Now that you are in Grill Station, all you have to do is cook the prepared sandwich (and be carful not to burn it). Flip the sandwich when flip meter goes off and wait for the other side to cook. when cooked slice the sandwich in half and move on to the next step…


  • Final stage is the Fry Station. Your training mission (first order) comes with french fries, so go ahead and select it. Then you go through the similar process when you wait for timer bar to reach the destination point and voila! Your order is ready to be served!


Hope you guys enjoy the game, if you have a any questions, notes or suggestions, please use the comments field to let us know, we appreciate value your satisfaction and your feedback above all. Also if you are interested in Papa’s Freezeria Mobile apps:

Amazon Fire -

Android -

iOS -

Note: Keep in mind all 3 version of apps are not free to play, download cost for each platform is $2.99

Good Luck / Have Fun

Papa's Cheeseria Game

Papas Cheeseria Game

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