Papas Burgeria

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Papa's Burgeria

How is Papa’s Burgeria game different from other papa’s games? and what’s so special about it? Let’s see, other than “Order Station, there’s only two stations in Papas Burgeria game. “Grill Station” and “Build Station”, it is also one of the oldest games from the series (2010). Which makes it a primary sequel to the Pizzeria game. Also, in Papa’s Burgeria game you can play with Papa Louie himself. Cool, huh?


Before we discuss the game further, let’s talk about burgers… Most of you probably already know that the word “burger” is short for Hamburger. But do you know where the word Hamburger comes from? Most people mistakenly associated it with the word “Ham”, which is not the case. The word actually derived from Hamburg steaks, which were introduced to United States by a German immigrants.

Would you like to know how popular the hamburgers are? Check this out, nearly 65% of sandwiches in the world are actually burgers; Up until end of 2018, McDonalds has sold over 300 000 000 000 burgers worldwide, selling nearly 80 burgers a second.

How to Play Papa’s Burgeria

Alright back the game now. Papa’s Burgeria, restaurant management / cooking game by Flipline Studios. A nice little restaurant where you get to grill and serve delicious cheeseburgers and hamburgers; add toppings and serve to the customers. Basically, the game mechanics is no different from other papa’s games., but it’s a totally game changer if you love burgers.

(step-by-step instructions)

As mentioned above, along with Marty and Rita, one of the pre-made characters in Papa’s Burgeria game is Papa Louie himself. So, go ahead and pick a worke, customers are waiting. Well, one customer to be precise, since this is the tutorial mission only.

Take order and switch to the Grill Station: the station where you do the most important part of the game, grilling burgers: Read the ticket carefully, the first customer wants medium-cooked burger, you must watch the timer and be careful not to under-cook or overcook the burgers, drag a patty onto the grill and… look at the ticket again, when you mouseover the patty, you can see the cooking progress, make sure you flip the patty in time, grill burgers until the timer reaches yellow.


Time to start building a burger, which is done in a Build Station: proceed by dragging a bottom bun onto the center of the table and dragging a patty on top of the bun. Now, look at the ticket and drag each topping respectively. Pour a sauce on a burger by picking up a right bottle, dragging it above the burger and releasing the bottle to squirt the sauce. To finish up, add the top bun and voila! You are done. You have completed training in the burgeria, good luck





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Good Luck / Have Fun

Papas Burgeria Game

Papas Burgeria Game

Papas Burgeria, 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings