Papas Bakeria

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Papa's Bakeria

What’s so special about Papa’s Bakeria game? Everyone has a favorite pie from when they were kids, that's  why, all of us can relate to this game. Baking deliciousness with extra layers of heavenly flavors! imagine it and bake it in Papas Bakeria. Before we discuss the game itself, let’s talk about Pies and some of the craziest and fascinating facts about pies. Speaking of crazy, did you know? Pie was completely banned in Great Britain by Oliver Cromwell in 1644. He decided the pie was a “pagan form of pleasure”. Furthermore, pies remained to be illegal for nearly 15 years, until the ban was eventually lifted in 1660.

More About Pies and Papa's Bakeria

Another fascinating fact about Pies: nearly 50% of all Americans who think of word “comforting”, also think of a pie.  And another one; over 750 million pies are sold in grocery stores every year, which by the way does not include restaurants, bakeries etc.

Alright, let’s talk about the actual game now. Papa’s Bakeria, one of the latest games by Flipline Studios. Don’t want to bore you with not so important info, so here it is: Bakeria is one of the top 3 most played games in this website. There’s a good reason why, because all the pie designs, toppings and all the ingredients, also the drinks look simply stunning. The mini-games in Bakeria are really fun, and process of unlocking new ingredients and drinks is also very enjoyable. Not good enough? Try it yourself and let us know what you think of the game.

How to Play Papa’s Bakeria


(Step-by-step How to Play Instructions)

As always, Pick your favorite Bakeria character: Tim or Cecilia; or alternatively, create and customize a new worker. Don’t forget, the first mission is only there for training purposes, so do not worry if you fail the first time.

  • Take Order from your very first customer and Jump to the Build Station. The order clearly indicates to the ingredients you need to use; first thing you do is to drag the crust from the order into the pie tin. And then fill the crust with indicated ingredients, (Pecans is usually the one in Training Mission). Select pecans, press and hold “Fill Button” and start filling. Final stage in Build Station is roofing the pie, pick the one from the order (in this case it’s a vented crust) and make sure you center it properly.

  • Time for Bake Station:  The only thing you do in Bake Station is bake! That’s right, drag the pie into the oven and watch the bake meter to reach the arrow, when finished baking, drag the pie to the finish track and done.

  • Prepare to have fun in Top Station: If you have some experience in other Papa’s Games, you don’t really need instructions how to top the baked pie. If, however, you are new at this, take a look at the order and check the ingredients, then follow the provided in-game instructions. In this tutorial mission you will need a Caramel Drizzle, so pick it up and cover the whole pie with drizzle. Now it’s time for Banana slices, arrange the banana slices to the indicated areas (in yellow circles) and the order is ready!


Hope you enjoyed the Papa’s Bakeria game, leave a comment and tell us what you think of the game, we really appreciate your feedback.

Good Luck / Have Fun

Papa's Bakeria Game

Papa’s Bakeria Game

Papas Bakeria, 4.9 out of 5 based on 16 ratings